Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pasta Challenge


Time to change up breakfast.  Back to smooooooothie town.


In the KA: baby spinach, banana, ice, flax meal, Amazing Grass, and vanilla soy milk.  The original.


Lunch was a bit of a redo on yesterday’s bigass salad.  Mucho veggies but today avocado came to visit, lime juice was added, and the cheese made it’s way into a quesadilla instead of the bowl.


To quote a beloved blogger…amazeballs!


At the end of my work day a few things caught up with me and threw me off schedule.  A few Aussie cookies helped save the day.


Laura:  These are deeeeeelish!


Later than planned I finally got myself to the gym for my planned workout.  Lunges and squats and deadlifts, oh my.  Along with jumping rope and treadmill walking for the win.

By the time I got home I was soooooooo hungry.  This whole working out after work thing is great except dinner ends up being at like 8:30!

I wanted pasta.  But this new portion control kick I’m on stopped me in my tracks.  Pasta is calorific.


So I made a delicious compromise…pasta fully over run by veggies!  1/2 cup fusilli cooked with 1 cup broccoli, 1/2 cup carrots, 1/2 cup sweet peas.  Leftover grilled chicken for protein.


You want low calorie, easy peasy cheeeesy sauce?  Do this:

When your pasta and veggies finish cooking, drain them but leave them damp.  Add a wedge or two of Light Laughing Cow (depending on your servings size…I used two), let it start to melt, sprinkle with salt and red pepper flakes (to taste).  Stir all together.


The cheese will combine with the little bit of leftover water to make a cheeeesy sauce coating your pasta.  Nom.


I sprinkled with a smidge of parmesan.  Purely for photographic purposes of course.

Pasta craving take that!

The kettle is boiling and there’s a granola bar with my name on it.  Time for last night’s Glee.  Weeee. :)

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Angie All The Way said...

It's been ages since I've had laughing cow. I should pick some up next grocery shop for old times sake :-D