Saturday, April 09, 2011



Meal plan?  What’s a meal plan?  Apparently Fridays are throw meal plan to the wind day.


Pizza for breakfast!


It’s OK.  It’s AMAZING pizza!!

And beautiful outside.  Nice weather means you can do whatever you want food wise.  Everything is healthy when the sun shines.


Inaugural walk without her fur coat.  Go Chibani!


Oh wait!  Moroccan Stew is healthy!


Hmmmm… a triple grande Coco Cappuccino probably isn’t though.


The kids were happy the sliding door was open all afternoon.


Don’t stare at my new curtains…I haven’t hemmed them yet.

Being Friday you know I couldn’t just stay home and eat salad like a good girl.  Nope.  Had to hit the town with the girls.  Tiffaney, Laura and I decided to make a visit to Sauce Restaurant & Lounge to check out their menu re-launch and new cocktail list.


Sauce Punch…as described by our server…3oz of booze that kicks you in the face.  Certainly boozerific but also fruity and quite deeelish.  A weee bit tiny though if you ask me!


I opted for one of the featured appies…Tuna Tataki with Strawberries. 

Lovely fish, but doesn’t Tuna Tataki usually have some sort of delicious sauce?  I was a bit confused.


The bar menu has taken a turn towards the traditional cocktails as many of the other lounges in town have.  The Last Word is one of my recent faves so I was glad to see it made it’s way to Sauce.


For my main course I opted for the Pulled Thai Rib Sandwich. 

I liked that it was open face so it was easier to eat with a knife and fork instead of being a messy pulled meat sandwich.  The onion ring was crispy on the outside and juicy inside.  As far as the meat went, it was tasty but you could have fooled me that it was Thai inspired?


The fries were the highlight!

After visiting with friends at a nearby table we decided to move on and enjoy cocktails at our favourite hangout…Clive’s Classic Lounge.  (Hi Shawn!)

The walk was chilly since I decided it’s Spring now and didn’t bring a jacket!!  So I ordered up the Milan Affogato…fresh coffee with Fernet Branca ice cream.


I regretted the coffee but the creamy yumminess is worth it.

Coming soon to Clive’s:  Tiki menu!!  Including Dandelion Wine.  What?  Yup, dandelions make wine.  Who knew?  Those crazy prohibitionists, that’s who!


Shawn brought this big ol’ jar over for us to check out and you know what?  It tastes like honey!  That there is going to make some sort of sweet and fabulous cocktail come Tiki time. :)

Now I guess I’d better getting working on my grass skirt.  Aloha!!

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Krista said...

I love your blog, the photos always make me hungry, especially the Sauce ones! They have some wicked drinks I can't wait to try. Will you be at the event April 18th? I'd like to meet you and shake your hand!

Lynn's Life said...

I love your new curtains!!

Jessica said...

awesome curtains! :) And yummy eats!! :)

My friends favorite restaurant in the world is sauce! I've never been!

Kara said...

When I was a wee one (okay not that little!) I remember picking dandelion heads for my grandpa for his wine. I never did get to try it though. :)