Friday, April 22, 2011

Sooke Harbour House–Part Three

In addition to the amazing dinner and fabulous room at Sooke Harbour House I was also treated to a fun tour of the Inn’s gardens and edible landscape.  Almost all of the produce served in the restaurant is grown right there on the property…some in gardens, some in greenhouses. They also have an offsite farm!  You can read all about their environmental commitment here.


Garden tours are available to any guests (or non-guests for $10) but because Jane was there in an official capacity she arranged our own private tour.  She also knows Byron Cook, head gardener, from previous visits and interviews.  Byron has been with SHH for 23 years!


It’s a bit early in the season just yet, but I was amazed by the number of interesting greens, edible flowers, and unheard of herbs he showed us.


The grounds are absolutely full of fun sculptures and such.


Kiwi tree!


Deer eat most of the tulips so they had to resort to planter boxes or behind deer fences.  I didn’t realize tulips were edible.  But now that I look back I see there were tulip petals on our desserts!


Almost everything on site is edible.  Byron handed us little leaves to nibble along the way.


Into the greenhouses…


Jane doing her thing…


Bay leaves for the guests…


Violas for salads…


Even if you never have the opportunity to stay or eat at Sooke Harbour House, make the drive and wander around the grounds.  The gardens and views are beautiful, serene, and so very West Coast.

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