Tuesday, April 26, 2011


First things first…

GO CANUCKS GO!!  Take that Blackhawks!  Round 2 here we come!!!

Don’t you wish you were out on the streets of Vancouver tonight?!!

That may have been the most stressful hockey game I’ve ever watched!!  And that includes the gold medal Olympic game from last year!  (which we also won, thank you very much!!!)

I have to say that I totally needed that happy ending after the hard weekend I had.  Phew!


(ya, that’s a boob shot…LOL)

You know what the worst way to end a sick doggie filled weekend?  Wake up to find out your coffee maker isn’t working!


Nooooooooooooooooooo!  VIA to the rescue for now.  Eeeek.

Quickie breakfast…ww tortilla, almond butter, banana.


Broiled grapefruit.


Bigass salad! 


In the big silver bowl: spinach, cucumber, carrot, red pepper, radishes, grilled chicken and Bolthouse Yogurt Ranch Dressing.


Since we’ve been hitting pubs for most of the playoff games (and since there have been three games more than we expected!!) Rose offered to host the game at her place this time. 

A bunch of us gathered together for Rose’s famous turkey burgers (stuffed chock full of hidden veggies!), Tia’s delicious quinoa salad, and I baked off a pan of sweet potato chips.


(Not shown is the bazillion scoops of Rose’s homemade spinach dip I consumed.  So yummy!)

When the Canucks scored their game winning goal our screaming was so loud I’m sure Rose’s whole street could hear us.  So fun!

Here’s a little video to help keep you in the Canucks mood…

Look out Nashville…you’re next.  Mwahahaha ;)

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Lady J said...

Believe it or not I actually watched tonight's game and was sitting here screaming all by myself when Chicago tied it and even louder when we won it in OT. ;o))