Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Dolla Tacos


Awwww….my memory mug.  Makes me miss my girls more than I already do every day!  Remember when Angie and I travelled to Toronto from Halifax to meet Jen, Amy, and Cat for the first time?!!  Seems a lifetime ago.


Breakfast was really more like lunch…I wasn’t hungry at all until well after noon.  My hunger cues are buggered.  Strawberry Banana Smoothie full of green goodness did the trick.


More Impromptoup for lunch.  English muffin with light Laughing Cow and tomatoes on the side.


Delicious strawberries for afternoon snackypoo.


For dinner tonight my friend Ray offered to treat me to a meal out (because I’m so totally awesome I have completely deflated my entertainment budget until payday!!).  We hummed and hawed for a while before deciding to finally give The Oyster a try.


As we walked up at 6:15 we were excited to see we made it in time for Buck-a-Shuck!


We scooted inside and sat down right away so we could get in our order for a dozen lovely little oysters on the half shell.  Tonight’s featured oysters were Little Wings.


They bring a variety of sauces…Thai (which was surprisingly good!), a verde, cocktail sauce (with fresh horseradish) and a red wine vinaigrette.


We opted for beers to go along with our fishes.  VI Brewery Sea Dog was on special.  Sounds good to us!


I figure since we seem to go for food a lot that it was high time Ray got his face on the blog.  Clearly he’s thrilled.


After perusing the menu we decided the best way to go would be to share a few of the small plates.  The crab enchiladas called out to both of us…


Quite yummy, but when our second dish arrived I almost completely forgot about those enchiladas.  Today was Taco Tuesday…meaning all fish tacos were on for only $2 each.  We ordered four to start.


Today’s featured fish was Red Snapper…served in browned tortillas and topped with fresh salsa made with pineapple!  I was in LOVE. 


We actually ended up ordering two more.  I suspect I’ll be dragging everyone I know there for Taco Tuesdays in the future.  Deeeelish.


After dinner I suggested that we take a quick trip over to Beacon Drive In for ice cream cones.  Spring is here and even though it was pretty cold today I think it’s pretty much soft serve season, no?


The whole point of getting together tonight was because we’ve decided to watch The Walking Dead.  Every time I recommend a show to someone lately, they turn around and ask me if I’ve seen The Walking Dead. 

We tried sharing this beer I’ve had in my fridge for ages, but neither of us liked it. Highly possible it’s been waiting far too long to be opened.


We got through the premier and second episode of the show and both enjoyed it.  Kind of reminds me of Stephen King’s The Stand…which I think I watched at least a half dozen times back in the day.  Sadly I now have to wait over a week to watch any more episodes because Ray has to go away for his brother’s wedding.  Damn timing.

Good thing he bought me dinner cuz otherwise I might not be all nice and wait for him. :)  Mwahahaha.

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Laura said...

i need to try fish taco's, i think i'm missing out.

Lynn's Life said...

I haven't had Laughing Cow Cheese in forever, gonna add it to the grocery list.

Also, I hear all about fish tacos yet I've never seen them on a menu here in Hali. They looks so good!

Shavonne said...

When I pictured Fish Tacos in my head it looked nothing like that! I think maybe I will have to try it.

H-woman said...

Those are some fine looking fish tacos!! Now I need to find fish tacos in a land locked province...wish me luck!


Kara said...

Have you watched Justified?

kylee said...

I have to check out the Oyster. Two dollars is cheap! The ones at Red Fish Blue Fish are my fave but at 2/$11 at the cheapest! It is also a little late to be drinking that beer! I dont think Phillips beer has a very long shelf life :S

Jaime said...

Hey Kyla! I should point out that those fish tacos last night were quite small. I wouldn't compare them to RFBF. :)

And ya, agree that the pumpkin beer probably had a shelf life...hehe...oh well!

135by2012 said...

Mr. Tivo had saved the full season of Walking Dead for us and we finally watched it one Saturday night a month or so ago. We loved it and watched the full season all night long. I can't wait for it to come back in October.

Jessica said...

Fish tacos... I love fish tacos and those looked deadly!

I heard you guys got snow today?!?! Ugg