Monday, May 23, 2011

Creamy Citrus Tart


The day after I received the invitation to Justin and Jessica’s Shrimp Boil I was sitting at my physiotherapist’s office reading Canadian Living when I came across this recipe for a Creamy Citrus Tart and knew I needed to make it for their party.


Um, Dr. Physio Guy…I owe you a magazine.  Sorry bout that.

What screams Springtime more than fresh lemons and limes?  Not much!


Squeezing lemons at midnight is fun and stress relieving.


Lime zest is under rated.  Just a pinch does wonders.


Coconut Graham Crust?  Oh yes.


Three layers of smooth, creamy, sweet, citrus deliciousness.  It’s like cheesecake and lemon pie got together with some friends to make a dessert baby.  Make this for your next dinner party. 


Skip the plates.  Just bring friends….with forks.

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Jessica said...

I wonder if this would work with coconut milk and tofu cream cheese! Sounds like a challenge to me!!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing. Just wanted to say hi. I'm your newest follower.

rusty61 said...

That looks wonderful and very summery!