Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Java Rescue


This morning required a Venti Mocha Misto.  Conference call day.


What do you get when you find a basically empty almond butter jar and a final serving of steel cut oats in your pantry?


OIAJ of course!  With banana, UVAB and chia seeds.  Topped with jam.


Light lunchy.  Who knew hummus and goat cheese go together?


Especially when schmeared upon brown rice crackers sent from Oz. :)


Chibi says hi!!  She’s rocking her doggie hoodie cuz she’s so cool.


We did take an after work walk at the dog park with a new bachelor friend (bet you’d thought I’d given up!).  It was freaking freezing out there today though so the dogs got to cozy up in the cars while we enjoyed hot tea instead.

Ended up being perfect that I had leftover tuna casserole on such a chilly day. 


Dessert during American Idol…crack mango.  I keep thinking I should put these in a recipe, but instead just eat em up!


*cue singing angels here*

Squeeeeeeeeeal!  Look what Tiffaney gifted to me!!  For some unGodly reason she’s had this baby in her cupboard for three years…unused!  The horror. ;)  So she said I might as well put it to good use.

We all know I can handle that!


Just in time.  I have a *gasp* 8am Skype meeting tomorrow morning.  Without a pre-set brew, people might die.

I will kinda miss my morning walks to Starbucks with Chibi though.  My mocha caffeine reward sure was good motivation for a longer walk.  Slacker alert!!

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Jessica said...

I have that coffee maker!

rusty61 said...

I love hummus and goat cheese but have never had them together....must try!

Oh, and by the way, I have the same coffee maker!

Vanessa said...

Hummus and goat cheese? I need this in or around my mouth RIGHT MEOW.

Chibi is the cutest.

Tamara said...

Hey girlie, you're making life on the West Coast look enviable as usual!

So I was bummed to see James go home on AI. I'm rooting for the underdog now - go Hailey!