Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Orleans Tradition

…right here in little ol’ Victoria!


So how did you all spend your Saturday? 

I betcha your dinner plans were nowhere near as cool as mine! ;)

This weekend marks my friend Justin’s 30th birthday and was celebrated with….wait for it….a backyard shrimp boil!!

When a regular BBQ just won’t do…buy 14lbs of fresh local spot prawns, a bigass pot and propane burner, and call all of your friends to come over.


This is the third annual shrimp boil but of course I wasn’t living here in the past so I’ve always missed out.  You know I was the first to RSVP when the invites for this year’s celebration were sent out.

The pot was filled three times….each time with baby red potatoes, corn on the cob, mushrooms, chorizo sausage, onion, whole garlic bulbs, the fresh shrimp….and the extra special New Orleans seasonings.  Justin brings these back from Louisiana when he visits for work.



Roll up your sleeves, stuff your pockets with napkins, reach in, and start twisting heads off.  :)  Nom nom nom…. 


Let me just say this:  corn on the cob should always be cooked in well seasoned water…the corn was almost better than the shrimp!!!

I brought dessert.  Who needs plates?  We had forks and appetites.


Creamy Citrus Tart recipe coming up tomorrow.  It was amazing.

Chibi tried to make friends with Burl.


Burl was too busy gettin’ busy with the ladies.


I kept my distance from Burl’s advances and ate extra shrimp while he kept everyone distracted.

Shrimp boil.  Reason #256 to visit New Orleans.  Sign me up!

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rusty61 said...

What a fun idea for a birthday party!

Jessica said...

That is AWESOME!! He should import and sell that stuff!!

We have always cooked our shrimp(prawns) in ocean water! SO GOOD!!