Monday, May 30, 2011

Patio Garden

When I moved into my new little pad last July it was a weeee bit too late to be starting up any planters or gardening.  I was a little sad.


Instead I got a couple of comfy chairs and the deck became home to my poor neglected bicycle.  (Shhh…don’t tell my Strata!)

This year I’ve been watching the calendar and weather in anticipation of a weekend when it would be all good to plant a few little things.  This weekend was finally it!


Yesterday was this perfectly sunny day with a lovely breeze up on my deck.  Just right for a little bit of planter box action.

Not a lot of room for a whole lot, but just enough room for me!  I opted for planter boxes as I don’t want anything hanging and blocking what little view I have.  Boxes will be at a good level for ease of care and good sunlight as well.  (Sadly I’ll need to enlist one of my handy dandy friends to help come up with a way to hang some of these from my railings…apparently my railings are an odd width which caused me trouble finding brackets that fit…lame-o.)


Shelves and the patio floor will do just fine for now!

Here we have Ever Bearing Strawberries x 3 and Peppermint.


Some curly parsley, a cute hot pepper, and cilantro.


Oregano, rosemary, and sweet purple basil.  Still on the hunt for regular basil…which apparently had been delayed a bit this year.


Of course a bit of colour is needed too!  Multiple shades of pink and white impatience do the trick quite nicely.


And last but not least, I’m pretty excited about my bigass tomato plant!


“Sugar Snack” sound quite tasty, no?  I’ll be babying this one for sure.


It’s only been one day and I’ve already been outside checking on my little babies, making sure they are getting enough light, some food and water, and maybe a little chit-chat.

What?  You know you talk to your plants too.  ;)

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H-woman said...

My old patio had bizarre shaped railings that didn't work with any planters I could find. New patio conforms!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thanks for providing some inspiration for me and my small deck.

rusty61 said...

That looks like a wonderful oasis!

Lynn's Life said...

Love it Jaime! You got a lot of plants on your patio, enjoy! :)

Jessica said...

I got my basil from the Market on Yates over a month ago. Kept it inside until the end of May and now it's sitting happily out on the patio. Maybe they still have some!