Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Secret Squash


What did I tell ya?  Today’s breakfast was a carbon copy of yesterday’s.


I was up extra early for a conference call *yawn* so it was nice to know exactly what was for breaky.  This afternoon I headed for physio…I’ve been putting it off because it drains my bank account but this stupid blown disc isn’t getting better on it’s own.  I was there for over an hour today.

That deserved a treat.  Lovely discovery of the day:  Starbucks now has coconut syrup! 


Tall non-fat no whip Cafe Mocha, half mocha/half coconut. Quite deelish!

I completely missed lunch so decided just to make a snack when I got home and wait for dinner.  Hummus and veggies.


Dinners this week involve working with a few things from the freezer.  Today it was leftover Sloppy Josephine filling…nom.  Added some bell peppers and served atop spaghetti squash with a secret ingredient.


Herby goat cheese!  Melted a knob of the creaminess into the hot squash with some fresh basil, salt & pepper.  Genius I tell ya!


Fruit and yogurt dessert.  My new addiction:  Altaufo mango.


I totally passed out on the couch in between periods of the Canucks game.  Clearly getting up that hour early for work this morning did not agree with me.  What will I ever do if I get a real job requiring normal hours?!

After I woke up and caught the end of the game (we won!) I had the urge to bake.  Since I’m trying not to keep junk food anywhere near me I decided to go with a healthy batch of Sticky Bars.


Which of course are only healthy if I don’t eat the whole pan tomorrow.


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Amy said...

Coconut syrup? Oh my.

Ingmarie said...

YUM, that squash with goat cheese looks delish! must try that out as a side soon. thanks for the inspiration.