Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simple Monday

After a weekend of throwing caution and healthy ideas to the wind I just could not face meal planning on a Monday morning.  Instead I just decided to work with what was on hand and go with the flow.


Toasted English muffin with light Laughing Cow, bacon jam, and tomato.

While in Nanaimo this past weekend I got my hands on some slightly more reasonably priced Liberte Greek yogurt.  Date & Fig if you please!


With sliced banana and a sprinkle of hemp seeds.


Mother’s Day’s lazy dinner just keeps on giving.  Leftover chicken strips and potato wedges…


With veggies, hummus, and plain Greek yogurt for dipping.


Slightly healthified. :)


I squeezed in an afternoon cardio session and a post hockey game nap.  (Our Canucks have made Round Three!!!)  Spent the evening working on some contract work, sipping tea, and biting the heads off the last of the Aussie gingerbread babies.


Today I restock the produce drawer.

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1 comment:

Lady J said...

I tried that date & fig yogurt a while back and sadly did NOT care for it at all.... :o(