Friday, May 06, 2011

Tiki in the City


What’s more fun than good cocktails at my favourite lounge bar?

The launch of the Summer drink menu is a Tiki Party!


Complete with cute, tacky tropical dress I’ve been saving for just such an occasion.  (and fresh new blonde highlights dontcha know!)


Shawn and his crew at Clive’s Classic Lounge brought the fun yet again by releasing the new Summer cocktail menu featuring all kinds of interesting Tiki and Antiki drinks.  Lots of Cruzan rum, fresh pineapple juice, crushed ice, cool garnishes, and nifty glassware.


We didn’t ask the boys to be in the photo op. ha!

Jessica, me, Ingmarie, Laura.


More fruity bevvies.  and, um, poutine (pretend it’s tropical!!).


The favourite of the night?  The fresh and deeeelish Cruzan punch made with dandelion wine.  Um, and the inflatable monkeys.


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Anonymous said...

Cute dress. This post made me thirsty. :)