Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bowl of Tropical


What’s been missing from my recent posts? 

Oh right…coffeeeeeeeee!  The number of trees I’ve killed by walking over to Starbucks for take-out lately is mildly embarrassing.  You’d think after my eight billionth visit I’d remember my travel mug, but nooooo.  I suck.  Sorry trees!

Up above there we have yesterday’s breakfast.  I mixed the new crack yogurt (Liberte Med pineapple) with the old crack yogurt (Liberte Med coconut) and topped it with super ripe Ataulfo mango and fresh blackberries.  I die.


After catching up at work and taking the pupper for a walk to the park I came back for a bowl of that super yummy quinoa salad.  I should have made a double batch…it’s that tasty.  Quinoa is already on next week’s grocery list.


After work I just couldn’t decide what to have for dinner, so I started grabbing convenience foods from the fridge and before I knew it I had a pretty decent meal.  Bacon, egg on toast, fresh tomatoes…and avocado on toast with light Laughing Cow and Dijon.


In the end I folded the avocado and toast together with a slice of bacon…  Who knew avocado and bacon went together??  Not me!

The evening project (aside from finally tackling some contract work I “should” have done on Monday) was putting together Heidi’s Rhubarb Pie Things


I can’t say I’ve ever baked with rhubarb before and the taste test I did last night tells me I really ought to do it more often.  Stay tuned…serving these to the girls during Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight (aka: Game One of the Canucks Bringing the Cup Home).

Go Canucks Go!!!

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Moonglow said...

Showing some love here! Thanks to Mardi, I'm discovering your blog. Love this posts, menu. Crazy about mangoes, bacon, avocado...will get to know quinoa and rhubarb I do not speak yet!

Thank you for sharing =).