Monday, June 13, 2011

Canucks Fever


This weekend I rowed the boat over to Vancouver.  I was actually there to visit friends and see Wicked, but conveniently I happened to land up smack dab in the middle of a whole lot of Vancouver Canucks fever!


While walking down Robson Street my friend Sarah and I encountered this fan-mobile.  Nutty!!  (I actually saw multiple crazy cars all decked out but this was the only one parked so I could get photos.)


Pretty much every local business, no matter what they sold, had something Canucks related going on.  Canucks Caramel Apple anyone?


Canucks cupcakes for the win!!  (I did indeed buy a couple of these for me and Cat).


We did take a stab at finding a pub near CBC Square to watch the game but it was just too chaotic and busy.  Instead Sarah and I wandered the pre-game crowds while waiting for Cat to get off work.


This is West Georgia Street around 3pm.  The game didn’t start until 5pm so I can only imagine how insane the crowds were by then (and that’s just one of the multiple streets blocked off for outdoor viewing). 


They say that something like 250,000 extra people have been in the downtown core during game nights.  Insane!


We booked it on out of the stampeding crowds and watched the game in a fun, super packed restaurant/bar with multiple bigass TVs instead. 

Being there during the Game 5 win was so incredibly fun!!! 


I brought my sign home to show support in my apartment window. :)


Even my phone got a tattoo for the festivities.


Tonight…GAME ON.  This could be our BIGGEST WIN EVER.

Here’s a little video to get you in the mood…

The story of Johnny Canuck!

Go Canucks Go!

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Andrew said...

Sooo cool you got to be there... the atmosphere looks contagious!

Even to a girl who has proclaimed that hockey is dead to her after the loss of her Habbies, and kind of wants Boston to win!

But, I kind hope they lose tonight so that they can win it at home!

Andrew said...

Andrew = Amy

Jessica said...

That video is awesome!
I'm not even a hockey fan but I am SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about tonight!!