Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canucks with Cat


So ya.  Cat and I spent the better part of a whole weekend together and didn’t manage to take one effing photo of the two of us (again!).  So instead I present you with this lovely little number from last Summer.

We’re so hawt, no? :)

After visiting with Sarah all day Friday she dropped Cat and I off to watch the Canucks game with our friend Jen at a restaurant just slightly removed from the chaos that was downtown Vancouver.  Over the bridge to Kits we watched the game at Rockford Grill.


What I should have done was take a photo of the MASSIVE WALL OF BIGASS TV’S but instead you’ll have to look at my food.

Double Happiness beer x 3.


Blackened Prawn Tacos.  These were seriously deeeeelish….so much so that I almost ordered another batch.


Instead I waited until the second intermission and opted for one of their appy specials…Ginger Beef.  Also crazy delicious.


I can’t even describe the rush of being in that restaurant absolutely jammed full of fans that night.  When the clock ticked down for the last few seconds and we knew the win was ours the room went WILD.  Exhilarating!!!

This is what we live for.

As Cat and I made the drive back to her place we absolutely revelled in the win, enjoyed every minute of excitement and were thoroughly awed by the number of people out celebrating in the streets, on the side of highways, in their front yards, and on most every corner we passed between Vancouver and Coquitlam.

I can only imagine the state of the city when the boys win that big shiny trophy tonight!!  Game 7.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We celebrated with a couple of smooshed but still tasty and relevant cupcakes.


Saturday morning we made a grand discovery!

Cora has finally arrived in BC!!  And only 10 minutes from Cat’s house!  When we saw it we knew we had to go in and have brunch in honour of our bloggy girlfriends!  (Amy, Jen, Angie, Tasha, Lynn, Lesley and Lex – this breakfast was for you!)


My favourite veggie omelette…


With super duper extra fresh fruit…


Now if Cora could step on over to the island we’d be set. ;)

We spent our afternoon shopping for skin care products, lounging around the apartment, and primping for our big “date” night.

Amazing dinner you will all just die for (but of course I’ll make you wait)…


And a fantastic show we literally cried for!

IMG_1884! :)

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh!! Cora is worth going over to Vancouver! haha I LOVE their lox bagel with the 10 pounds of fruit!! *drool!

Amy said...

Wicked is amazing isn't it?