Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Day After Yesterday


It was tough to avoid the myriad of news stories, photos, and articles about last night’s chaos.  Thankfully much of the bad news was trumped by stories about the amazing people that showed up today to clean up Vancouver and show their love for the city. 

I don’t even live in Vancouver but it’s close enough that all of this truly makes my heart hurt.  It’s a reflection on all of us around here and I for one am glad to see the community rally to wash away the ridiculous of last night.

Derek Jory at summed things up here (again!).  His article (and many others I read today) brought tears to my eyes.




Chibi and I took advantage of a sunny morning to walk over to the mall for coffee and a treat. 


Fresh apricots.  Juicy and deeelish.


OMG raspberries.  Organic and amazing.  With bananas, granola, TJs almond butter and vanilla yogurt.


Toast with bacon jam and just slightly yolky egg.  Salad with spinach, pea shoots, cherry tomatoes, orange pepper, dried cranberries, olive oil and s&p.


The other Jamie and I got together for girl talk.  I discovered the Coconut Crème Frappuccino (!!) and scored a chocolate chunk cookie sample.


On the drive home I noticed the sky was looking pretty cool post lunar eclipse.


Stoopy says hi.  (Actually he says “why u must be takin’ my picture biznatch?!”)


Jamie bought me popchips.


Thank you volunteers.  Thank you.


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Jen said...

That is BEAUTIFUL - I think that captures the true spirit of Vancouver for anyone who was thinking otherwise!!