Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eating Beets


Double fisting the mugs this morning. One full cuppa joe. One full cuppa green smoothie.  Banana, spinach, flax, Amazing Grass, UVAB.


Spinach is in the house so it had to make a breakfast AND lunch appearance.  The big silver bowl is getting a bigass salad workout this week.


This week’s bread of choice is whole wheat sandwich thins and I’m finding it hard to keep my grubby little paws away from them.  The chewy, toasted consistency is soooo awesome.  Hummus & cheese topper.


Post-workout iced coffee a la homemade.


You tell me… peach or nectarine?  I swear these were mislabelled.  Peaches have fuzzzz, yo!


Best part of produce shopping this time of year?  Fresh, local stuff is finally coming in at a reasonable price.  Last night I scored radishes for 69 cents and this gorgeous bunch of beets for $1.

Often I buy bulk beets because the greens are so yucky but this beautiful bunch came with lovely tops perfect for steaming.


  • Rinse very well, trim stems, steam until tender.
  • Toss with butter, lemon and salt.
  • Eat and thank me later.


Served up alongside last night’s leftovers.




After dinner Chibi decided to be a little doggie PITA (hellooooo, listen much little pooper?!!) so we cut our walk short and took a drive for a treat.

Her punishment was watching me eat this awesomeness.


Oh yes.  Cheesecake ice cream, caramel, roasted almonds, and Skor bar.


Dogs don’t like ice cream anyway.  Riiiight. ;)

Workout: 5 minutes rowing machine, 15 minutes lower body strength exercises, 5 minutes easiest ab exercises ever + fun wood choppers, C25K Day 3 on treadmill.

My hip pain showed up for the entire workout (as did my tight calves because I’ve now cardio’d it up four days in a row) but no worse than after walking the dog so I’m not letting it put me off. 

Day five tomorrow.  That ice cream is motivation enough!

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JavaChick said...

I still can't believe people voluntarily eat beet greens. Yes I've had them. No, they do not taste good. Still love you Jaime. Just sayin' I don't get it. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are great photographs! And i want that ice cream RIGHT NOW!

myjoyproject said...

Hi Jaime, I found your blog while searching for a picture for the Flying Otter Grill, I credited you with the photo & gave you a shout out here:

I think I'm really going to like following your blog! Have a great weekend!