Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five Dollah


Wednesday morning meeting…bring on two cups of steamy java.

Toasty bready goodness beat out yogurt for this morning’s breakfast.


After being out in the sun for an hour these grapes were like candy.


The big silver bowl was super happy to host a bigass salad featuring not only white cheddar, but also avocado, pecans and blueberries.  Nom.


Five dollah walk = walk in which one loses coffee money due to wearing shorts with shallow pockets.  Suckage.  Homemade iced coffee to the rescue.


Dinner was worthy of a guest.  Or you know, leftovers…cuz I’m a hermit.


Since I now have two bottles of TJ’s pineapple salsa I figured I’d better get on using some of it.  I’ve been imagining this in some sort of fish taco situation but since chicken was the meat on hand I went a different direction.


  • Spray baking dish with non-stick spray.
  • Place chicken in dish.
  • Pour salsa over chicken.
  • Cover with foil.  Bake.


Wanna make it fancy? 

  • Remove the foil. 
  • Sprinkle with cheese. 
  • Broil ‘til bubbly.


Rocket science on a plate it is! :)  Served with steamed green beans and tasty baby potatoes.


First little harvest of my very own cilantro!  Tossed with the still warm boiled potatoes with a weee smidge of butter, even wee-er smidge of light sour cream, salt & pepper.  Do it.


Five dollah photo.  Pretty sure this is where my coffee money blew away.  Sad day in coffee land. :(


Workout:  Active rest day.  45 minute walk along the Galloping Goose with the pupper.  Super sunny, nice and breezy.  Both of us had our sweat on.

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