Sunday, June 05, 2011

Flip Flop Days


It’s beginning to look a lot like….Sum-mer!  Everywhere you go!


Basil has been added to the balcony planter garden.  Hello pesto.

Chibi and I started each day with a coffee walk.


Some leftovers…


After much debate I decided on a healthy snack for Saturday night’s Canucks game potluck at Rose’s.  Tis the season for fresh fruit!


Instead of a boring ol’ fruit salad I decided on fruit kabobs…


Mint & watermelon.  Do it.  Fruit on a stick is tres more classy, no?


Almost as classy as light beer in your purse.


Laura baked us cooooookies.  Yah, with chunks of chocolate and dried blueberries.  No plain cookies for that gal.


Rose’s spinach dip was inhaled.  In fact there was so much bread left I’m pretty sure people were just licking the spoon.


And then this happened!!!!!

Boston Creamed! Game two–Burrows winning OT goal!

Oh yes it did!!  In case you lost count…that’s Canucks TWO FOR TWO!

The best part of making fruit kabobs is all of the leftover fruit for me…


Blazing through the second Nikki Heat book….Castle needs to put out a third for me ASAP.


Chibi and I visited our friend Tia today, sipped some iced coffee (shocker) and took a walk down to the Legislature grounds to enjoy the glorious day.


I felt like the only girl in the world that hadn’t seen Bridesmaids yet and the idea of a lovely air conditioned theatre was very appealing so I took myself on a movie date tonight.


Nothing like a container of Ancient Grains Salad stuffed in your purse for dinner at a movie.


It lived up to the hype…I laughed my ass off and enjoyed not sharing an arm rest.  (Having said that…I need a Summer movie date dammit!)

Nice pink sky to end the weekend.


Alright Summer I think you can stay now.

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Laura said...

hi jaime. i'm 110% jealous of your warmer weather. i love the fruit kabobs. i've been thinking of making them myself because they are fun but i'm saving them for events.

rusty61 said...

Those fruit kabobs are a great idea!

I can't wait for the next Nikki Heat book either (and for Castle to start back up again!)