Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Girls and their hockey!


Whoa…what is that?  Oh wait.  A coffee cup.  My coffee cup.  Yup, I made coffee at home like a good lazy girl. 

(Whistler Starbucks mug courtesy of my friend Sarah and one of her fun weekend road trips!)


Realizing now that late breakfast was the only meal I ate before hockey time.  Whoops.  Mack’s Flax toast with AB&J and sliced apple.


I swear the stuff just calls to me!!


Work today was a struggle…of course it just had to be busy on a game day!  It was my turn to host a game, so I spent the last hour of my afternoon racing around my apartment getting things ready.


I still don’t have cable (because I’m cheap like that) but I did procure an HDMI cable and finally hooked my laptop up to my TV so we could stream live for the Canucks vs. Bruins tonight.

A batch of my super duper guacamole came together in record time…


Fresh watermelon, grapes, marble cheddar and rice crackers…


Rose brought salad rolls (and the BEST peanut sauce ever) from Green Leaf.


Tiffaney brought turkey smokies to cook up on the indoor grill.


Oh, and my fridge is now stocked for the series with yummy Summer beer.  Mock that it’s Miller if you like but until one of the microbreweries puts out a refreshing low calorie tasty beer this is the one for me. :)


After dinner I brought out the Rhubarb Custard Bars I made last night.  Yet another winner from Heidi Fink….nom nom nom.


The game was super fun, full of energy and had us yelling at the TV more than once.  In the end our internet feed lost sound (!!!) but we were on the edge of our seats for that last second goal which won our Canucks the game!

Perfect way to start a Stanley Cup series if you ask me. :)  Bring us that cup boys!!  Go Canucks Go!

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Anonymous said...

What a great sounding girls night!

Conny Mc said...

Oh my how wonderful those bars look!!A friend called yesterday saying she has rhubarb if I want some and now I know what to make with it.

Amy said...

Looks like a fahhbulous night!

itsybitsyknitsy said...

19 seconds... I could have died.

H-woman said...

Now I have something to make with that rhubarb in the freezer! Yummy!