Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hittin’ the Big City


Most Vancouver Islanders will tell you that the BC Ferries are the bane of their existence.  I, on the other hand, actually like taking the ferry!

If you go into it with a smile and some patience it’s actually a nice ride.  (An iPod is helpful too.)


On Thursday my timing for boarding was dead on. I somehow landed up being near the front of the pack of walk-ons and was literally the first person in the cafeteria.  This.never.happens.  EVER.


I had actually finished my [totally mandatory White Spot BC burger] dinner before the ferry left the dock.  I felt like I was in some alternate universe where BC ferries leave 2 minutes early and seats are a cinch to find.


Coffee and my newest iPod download, AWOLNation, helped.


Once the ride ended and I actually got to big ol’ Vancouver I got to spend the evening and all day Friday with Sarah!  Sarah and I became super close friends while living in Halifax…but now she’s a West Coast return too! 


Thursday night we sat up sipping beers and catching up on a year’s worth of girl talk.  If only our beloved Cosette was here too.  Coco: book a ticket…weeeee neeeeeed you!!!!

Friday morning Sarah and I hit up Starbucks so I could introduce her to the love affair that is a Cafe Mocha with coconut syrup.  Drool.  Oh, and finally add the Vancouver mug to my collection.


Sarah and I were avid sushi fiends while in Halifax. Every time we ordered a tempura yam roll at Doraku she would tell me about her favourite Vancouver sushi institution…Tsunami. On Friday we tried to go there only to find out that it has closed down!



I immediately got to texting my friend Alecia since she works downtown Van and got her to recommend another place.  She offered up Kamei Royale as one of her boss’s favourites so we gave it a try.


Highlight of the meal was this Healthy California Roll with Mango.  Crab, avocado, mango and brown rice wrapped in a colourful soy curd paper.


My spicy tuna roll…Sarah’s salmon sashimi…our shared Agedashi Tofu…and yummy Goma Ae (which I really should order more often!).


Alecia totally lunch bombed us by showing up unannounced since she now knew exactly where I was. We haven’t seen each other in like ten years and I’m a jackass for not getting our photo.  She had to run back to work, but she did leave me with a super rad Trader Joe’s loot bag that I’ll share soon! 

After lunch we wandered the streets looking at all of the crazy Canucks fever and chatting until it was time to meet Cat.  Sadly, Sarah had family obligations but we parted ways promising not to wait a year to do this again!


What I know:  Living only a scenic ferry ride apart does not make it any easier to see good friends as often as you’d like. 

I need a teleporter.  Pronto.

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Anonymous said...

Let me first say that, even though we're on opposite sides of the puck, I still adore you. And I don't really mean it when I talk smack. Except for the parts about hating the Canucks (I very much mean those parts).

2 other comments-- my brother is obsessed with the ferry that takes him from his neighborhood to his downtown office. His wife has been quoted as saying, "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it." Secondly, I had a hissy fit today (likely overtired from these late games-- I envy you for watching them on west coast time) and demanded we get a teleporter at the office. No dice...

This turned into a novel. XXOO

Jessica said...

I love taking the ferry too!! Unless its rainy! But I'm not a fan of Vancouver!! (although I do like Granville Island and Stanley Park), it's too busy there for me!! :)

Glad you had fun!!

one year from now..... said...

What! Tsunami Sushi is closed! Crap!

PS. I love taking the ferry too...