Monday, June 20, 2011

Long Lost Friend

Well, clearly I had a whole lotta fun in Vancouver last weekend because here we are a week later and I’m still recapping.  :)  I probably could have wrapped this stuff into a previous post but we all know that Trader Joe’s loot requires individual attention! 

Thanks to my shock and surprise (and complete lack of brain usage) I didn’t get a photo op with my long lost friend Alecia when she showed up for a 2 minute lunch date while Sarah and I were eating sushi.  So instead I just spent 15 minutes stalking her Facebook albums looking for a photo to steal.

How’s that?  I could have used any number of cute photos of her, or one of her multiple shots of celebrity meetings, but no…I chose to use this one.  Your welcome Alecia!

The reason this sweetheart came and tracked me down at lunch time was because she had recently returned from a trip to Bellingham and thoughtfully brought a bag of Trader Joe’s fun for me.  What a girl!


She just couldn’t go another day without seeing the Flat Bananas on my blog!  My tummy and taste buds thank her.


Bad bad girl also brought the amazing Choco Covered PB Pretzels.  My waistline hates you.


And some other way-fun snackage I’ve never had a chance to try!  Pineapple salsa (I actually have a jar of this in my cupboard from my own trip to TJs months ago…obviously I need to get around to the fish taco recipe I was imagining for this), tapenade, black bean dip, crackers and Reduced Guilt (ha!) brownie mix.  All healthy, thanks girl!


Of course, no gift package from a Vancouverite would be complete without some Canucks swag.  White towels from the Playoffs!  Woooooo!


Thanks for the bloggie/foodie support, Alecia!  Next time we’ll spend more than 3.2 minutes chatting on your lunch break.  xoxo

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Krista said...

Pineapple salsa? Never had that before. I used to hate pineapples as a kid but I'm coming around to them once more.

Miss S. said...

I love the picture-that is some friend love right there. I can not wait for Trader Joe's to open here. It's like a month away. YAY!