Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make Better Monday


Oh Monday.  Must you arrive every week and remind me that a fresh start is required?  If there were no Mondays I may likely never feel guilty about filling my weekends with eggs benedict, poutine, and farmer’s market chocolates.


While getting dressed to go out Saturday night I tried on three different skirts that no longer fit.  And then I proceeded to eat poutine anyway. 

Denial.  Word of the season.


Being too financially strapped to just go buy new skirts and roomier pants led me to my eight billionth Monday morning diet realization.

What was that? 

Eat less gravy.


Eat more fresh berries.  Don’t let the bananas go to waste over weekends.  Use non-fat milk in my iced coffees.  Snack on low-calorie pita crackers instead of another dish of French fries.


Keep going to the gym even if it’s half the workout I used to be able to do.  Be proud when I can add an extra set of basic crunches or run an extra 30 seconds during treadmill intervals.  Drink more water.


Walk the dog somewhere other than to Starbucks.  Enjoy alone time puttering with patio plants instead of driving for ice cream.  Go to sleep with a book instead of the TV.

Enjoy dinners with friends that focus more on conversation and less on food.  Friends don’t let friends drown in a sea of gravy.

Simplify.  Make better choices.


Accept invitations for homemade dinners.  Particularly from men that catch fresh fish and cook it for you.  Bring wine and relax.

Damn you Monday for clearing my head and bringing focus.  Now I can’t hate you anymore. 

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myjoyproject said...

Perfect beginning-of-the-week thoughts :)

I usually end up putting over ripe bananas in my protein shakes....

...and tell me! Where are these men you speak of that catch fresh fish and invite you for dinner?? Do they have any single friends...?


Ang said...

I feel like the past 10 years have been a cycle of these Monday realizations for me, except I was never able to put them into words. You managed to do just that, though!

The thing it seems that makes us different is that you actually follow through with your Mondays. I need to work on that part. :)

I Love Your Whole Face said...

You can totally do it! When I want to stuff a family size bag of M&Ms in my mouth I remember that if my ass gets any bigger, I am going to break my beach chair. And THAT would be really, really bad! Not to mention really embarrassing! :-)