Monday, June 13, 2011

Nervous Fan


Tick off another addition to the Starbucks mug collection.  When I tried to buy one on previous trips to Vancouver I either couldn’t find one or forgot completely. 


Coffee brewed at home like a good girl. 


Normal healthy breakfast with some of the most deeeelish grapes evah!


I was off to massage this afternoon and didn’t have time for lunch.  Just the rest of my breakfast banana and multiple handfuls of Ikea crack candy.  (x a bazillion)


After work it was time for Game 6.  Are you sick of my Canucks talk?  Don’t worry, one more game and it’ll all be over.

Wait.  ONE.MORE.GAME.  Yikes.  I’ve never been so nervous over sports in my life.  And I was once smashed in the face with a baseball so hard that I still have a gimpy scar on my tongue.  Baseballs make me nervous…

…Game 7 makes me pee in my pants a little.  Eeeeeeeek.


Tonight’s game was viewed in a super crowded sports pub/restaurant with a bunch of the girls (and one token boy).  Sliders was certainly hopping with extremely vocal and excited fans.


Too bad that by the time I got my pizza the game had slipped far enough that I thought I’d lose my appetite.  (hahahaha, as if that would ever happen!!)

It’s OK boys.  I really wanted you to win that cup at home anyway. 

Bring it home!!!

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Krista said...

I'd never thought I'd see a Hawaiian pizza that looked so delicious!

Jaime said...

Don't let the looks fool you. That was one edible yet mediocre pizza. LOL.

JavaChick said...

I'm not a sports fan but I do like to see a Canadian team win. Go Canucks!

Marlène said...

I'm sorry Jaime, but I've been a Bruins fan since the Sens sent Chris Kelly their way... Those boys made me proud last night!!

Whatever happens Wednesday, it's going to be an AWESOME game...

Jessica said...

Oh gosh! I hope they win tomorrow. I'm not even a hockey fan, but I've been soaking up every moment lately! I was SOOOOOOO disappointed last night.

Fingers Crossed!!

Chef Heidi Fink said...

I'll make you a Hawaiian pizza that'll knock your socks off, one day!
And Go, Canucks, Go!!