Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pizza Date


So I only made it one day making coffee at home.  What?  At least I took my travel mug to get my mocha misto instead of killing another tree. 


Breakfast seems to have gone by the weigh side these days…straight on til lunch!  Fresh West Coast shrimpies were just screaming to be turned into a quick spicy shrimp salad…


Mixed with green onions, orange pepper, mayo, sriracha, salt & pepper.  Served on top of a bigass salad consisting of red leaf lettuce, celery, carrots, tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and lemon juice.


Carr’s crackers for scooping.


The leftovers were so few it seemed silly to save them.  Nom.


Afternoon sweet tooth (x five while I type this blog)…


Yesterday’s big wind managed to do some damage to my little patio garden.  :(  That shelf got knocked right over sending my planter of strawberries and mint into a sprawling mess.  Almost took out the rosemary in it’s collision too! 


Thankfully nothing was too damaged and I was able to scoop it all back together and discovered my first almost ripe strawberry in the process. :)


After work I introduced my friend Michael to Pizzeria Prima Strada.  It’s basically my mission to ensure everyone I meet knows about the yummiest pizza in town. 


After that mediocre cardboard-crusted pizza I ate yesterday I was pretty damn excited about my Rucola E Crudo tonight.  All other pizzerias have been ruined for me. 

Somehow this evening has totally gotten away from me.  Good thing hockey is coming to an end tomorrow (Gooooo Canucks!!) so I can start having my evenings back.  I’ve only been home for two days and it looks like a bomb went off in here. 

A girl needs her vacuuming time you know. Ya, it’s a real party ovah here.

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Jessica said...

Does that pizza have any cheese on it? It looks incredible!!

SO excited about the game!! Can't wait!

Jaime said...

Their pizzas are more "traditional" in that they are not drowning in cheese. I think that one in particular would be just fine without the cheese. Definitely worth a try if you are in town!