Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Hmmm…breakfasts are looking shockingly similar each day.  Yogurt, granola, fruit on hand.  Today we have a baby banana and fresh, not-quite-ripe-enough blackberries.

Coffee photos seem to be getting neglected.  Today: one hot, one cold.


I make good turkey burgers.  Just sayin’.  Leftover on simple salad with avocado.  Sandwich thin & hummus on the side.


This fruit is labelled as a peach…but it tastes, feels and looks remarkably like a nectarine.  I think the hybrid fruit fairy might have made a visit to the orchard.


Flattened almond buttered banana.


You’ll have to wait for tomorrow morning’s post to hear about dinner.  It was so yummy it deserved it’s very own post. 




Workout: 5 minutes Cybex, 15 minutes upper body strength exercises, 5 minutes easiest ab exercises ever + fun wood choppers, C25K Day 2 on treadmill.

The old lady back screams a wee bit in the form of hip pain but I get that if I walk the dog for more than 10 minutes so I’m just going to push on and believe that it will strengthen up and hurt less.


Goodlife finally got keytags here.  So nice not to carry around a ghetto laminated hand written wallet card anymore!

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Amy said...

We don't have keycards yet.

Ghetto is right.