Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ulla Restaurant


You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find one night that works for nine ladies to make dinner plans.  Or maybe you would.  Either way, it took us the better part of three months to get organized but we did it and I suspect it has something to do with the fact that every single one of us wanted to try Ulla Restaurant.


I’m happy to report that all nine ladies enjoyed their meal immensely! Nothing like good girl talk, a cute restaurant, delicious food, and lovely weather to put everyone in a good mood.

Speaking for myself…I had spotted the pea soup on the online menu so I asked about it when it came time to order.  The look in our server’s (Sahara, also one of the owners) eyes told me I was on the right track.

{english pea soup, butter fried croutons, smoked crème fraiche}


Might be the loveliest soup I’ve ever had.  So fresh, bright and rich. 

My main course was a toss up…I think we all struggled to decide because everything sounded so darn good!  I had picked out the fish dish while perusing the menu earlier but then the chicken started to sound mighty good and then so did the short rib steak.

{ling cod, spot prawns, gigandes beans, arugula, romesco}


When in doubt go with your first instinct. It rarely disappoints! This was no exception.  The cod was buttery, firm and meaty and the gigandes beans (hiding under the fish) were delicious…somewhat like a very large white kidney bean…which I love.


French pressed decaf.


{chocolate cake, rice crispy crunch, dulce de leche crème}


Um, heaven.  One of the girls mentioned that this little piece of cake won an award for best cake in the city or something like that.  I can taste why!  Tiffaney may have commented that it’s the best thing she’s eaten in a while.  (Well, actually I can’t print what she said…let’s just say…it’s THAT good….)


The natural lighting was so nice and the food all looked so good I took a few bonus shots of the food served to my dining companions. 

{heirloom tomato salad}


{tuna tataki}


{polenta cubes}


The polenta was a huge hit at the table.  So amazing.  Jessica:  what was the quote?  “little pillows of awesomeness”?

Typical…food shots abound but people shots…not so much.  I caught Charmaine because she had to run off early so that’s something!  :)


Obviously I’ll be making room in my budget to head back to Ulla soon. 

Boozy notes:  I enjoyed a beautiful French 75 cocktail before dinner and then asked Sahara to pair a nice white wine with my main course.  Both perfect. 

Unboozy notes:  Ulla offers a list of non-alcoholic cocktails with fun fresh juices like pomegranate or ginger.  Much more fun that boring soda water.


So glad I followed up on Jane’s recommendation to try this restaurant. 

Smart to listen to a professional food writer, no? :)

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