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V.I.C. Fest 2011


Get comfy.  This is hands down my most photo-heavy post of all time.  Usually I break things like this into multiple posts, but it’s Sunday so I know you have time to read.  :)  Enjoy!

With 8 or so hours of outdoor fun in our futures my festival companions and I decided to meet for hot coffee prior to entering the gates for the day.  Cafe Fantastico latte art…


V.I.C. Fest is a one day outdoor festival located in the heart of Downtown Victoria. The festival location, St Ann's Academy, will provide a stunning, unique and true Island experience for both festival attendees and the participating artists and vendors. The day will be filled with culture, entertainment and samplings of select breweries and wineries from Vancouver Island. As the sun goes down, a full service beer garden will open and the main stage will explode with the absolute best live music the Island has to offer.”

A fully fun and relaxing day…we really enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks to Laura, Hugh, Polly and Ibby for coming along on the adventure. (If only the weather was warmer!!)

I’ve tried breaking things down into sections for you to make this a little easier to get through.  Shockingly I’m starting with the food…as the sign suggests. :)


FINALLY my first (um, and second) WannaWafel.  Addition acquired.


It was a serious toss up at lunchtime…I opted for the pulled chicken with green chillies from Fort Cafe.  Moist and deeeelish.  This reminds me I read a review of the cafe recently and it’s on my list of places to visit.


Another first…Puerto Vallarta Amigo Taco Truck!!  Lots of options, but of course I had to choose the taco plate.  Here we have 2 beef, 2 potato & spinach, and 2 bean & cheese.  The beef wins but it’s all super yummy…especially with the avocado salsa.


Before settling into the grass to eat all of that food and enjoy the live entertainment we made our way into the wine garden for a few samples.


Group consensus was that we’re kind of in love with Coastal Black’s fruit wine.  Blackberry Sparkling!

[Laura – wine model]


Another favourite…Sea Cider Rumrunner.  OK, fine…it’s not wine but it was part of the tasting area. :)


[Ibby the wine connoisseur]


After lunch we dug into our beer tickets and wandered through a few line-ups trying our favourite Island breweries.


I have encountered Salt Spring Island Ales Heather Ale at multiple events recently.  It’s definitely a favourite.


[c’est moi!]


[Polly and an apparently shocked Hugh]


After dinner a full beer garden opened up.  We took it easy after sampling all day…the beer garden wasn’t included with our ticket price and we were more interested in copping a squat in the grassy area to watch the entertainment. 


The school grounds are gorgeous.  Sprawling lawns and pathways are actually quite perfect for the different food, drink, artist, vendor and performer areas.


[Pretty Polly]


Ibby and I were immediately side tracked by a really fun and talented artist…Stephanie Kuhn was so friendly and sent us on our way with samples of her beautiful and vibrant photography.


[good music helps Laura crochet]


Music rang out through the grounds all day.  We enjoyed much of it from the wine garden and food area but ventured over to the actual stage to listen to Georgia Murray.


Local celebrities chatting it up on air.  The Zone.


Quoia entertained while we sipped in the beer garden.


The thing I most wanted to make sure to see…Cheesecake Burlesque Revue.  I have so many friends that know so many of these ladies but I had yet to see them in action.


Sassy.  Cute.  Such a tease!


[why must I make funny faces?]


See…Ibby knows the girls.  Poor guy.  ;)


It was also great to catch Maurice live but the cool day was turning into a pretty chilly evening sitting out on the lawn.  We had thought to bring blankets but no one really wanted to carry them around so never actually brought any with us.


a little smidge of musical fun

We decided to head out just as the final act was taking stage.  Over eight hours is pretty good for a day in the cool Victoria air!  Delicious food, tasty bevvies, good company and all day entertainment…what better way to spend a Saturday?

V.I.C.Fest certainly scored for their first year.  Nice.

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Looks like so much fun! Did you get a chance to go inside? The chapel is something from a movie!!