Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad Blogger, Bad!

I know, I know.  MIA is no way for a good blogger to act!  Did you miss me while I was off visiting and camping out with friends? ;)


I swear I started out all good on Friday… pictures all the livelong day…


Until around 5pm when I was still racing around packing up my stuff for the weekend, taking a last minute trip to the mall for a totally necessary new white tank top and a not so necessary taco dinner, and finishing making potato salad for Saturday’s cookout.


Not even a picture of the finished Twisted Tater Salad!  Duh.

I even had “what I did today” photos to go along with Friday’s food stuffs!  Cleaned up my poor, poor strawberries again (and decided NOT to put them back up on their shelf) and smiled at Chibi enjoying the sun and my fan.


Even Stoopy got in on the action!


I’m a bad, bad girl.  Sorry y’all.

I can however offer you this photo of the awesome brunch omelette Michael made on Saturday before we headed off for the campout.


I missed everything that went into it, but sauteed onions, peppers and prosciutto definitely made the pan.  With lots of cheese!!  After broiling to finish it off he topped it with avocado….deeeeeelish.


Burl approves.

Cute dog photos trump food porn any day anyway, right?! :)

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Lady J said...

LOVE that shot of Stoopy!!! ;)