Friday, July 22, 2011

Caffeine High


Coffee coffee coffee coffeeeeeee!  Thanks gawd the antibiotics have cleared my system and once again coffee is happy in my tummy.  Yesterday marked day two of my return to caffeinated joy.


You will get sick of seeing Squirrelly toast with PB and banana.  But I won’t get sick of eating it.  :)


I was so excited for fresh BC apricots.  Too bad these ones tasted like nothing.  Boooo.


Lunch was a refreshing treat.  I picked up a couple of new-to-me apples at Root Cellar this week…Transparent Apples from the Okanagan…and decided the best place to put one would be into a bigass salad with blueberries, honey and goat cheese.


Oh and pecans!  Nom.


Tasty but not quite filling enough.  Hence the appearance of this box of [unidentifiable] Outback Animal Cookies from Laura.


Dinner was beef & broccoli leftovers with the addition of like three quarts of extra soy sauce to flavour things up.  Minor fail but my belly was full.


After dinner Michael picked me up and we took the dogs for a walk to Dallas Road.  Chibi has finally come out of her shell and will actually let Burl chase her around in the grass…it’s incredibly funny and heart warming.  She’s so small compared to him that it looks like he is going to eat her, but she’s so much faster and quick to make a turn or a corner that she all but flips right over him.

And me without my camera!

We stopped for tea and dessert afterwards.  Oh wait…I didn’t have my camera so obviously there was no dessert.  I mean if there isn’t a photo it must not have happened.  :)

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myjoyproject said...

That salad is reminding me that it is lunchtime!!


H-woman said...

Transparent apples are the best for baking. No peeling required, just core them and go...they freeze really well, too.


Lady J said...

Transparent apples were one of my favs as a kid and H-woman is right, great for baking.... and good girl not having dessert. (that could be recorded anyway) *grin*

DaMora said...

I hate bitting into a flavorless apricot.

Love your napkins, so fun for blog pictures.