Sunday, July 03, 2011

Canada Day, Victoria


The sun decided to make an appearance for Canada Day!  I worked extra hard Thursday night so I could take some time off work on Friday to cruise the downtown events.

Chibi and I slept in, did a couple of work tasks, caffeinated, and loaded up on snacks and water for our day.


First up… meeting Baby Penny!


I met up downtown with my friend Charmaine then we met up with Mike and Angela to meet their little Penelope.


Chibi wasn’t sure what to make of the wee bundle.  :)


We hung out until Penny got hungry.  Crying babies promptly get returned to their Mommies!  ha.  Mike and Angela carried on with their day while Charmaine and I wandered around the waterfront checking out the Canada Day festivities.


Of course the first thing I did was eat. Greek Gyros thankyouverymuch.


Inner Harbour…


Legislature lawn and main stage…


Krispy Kremes!  What?  It was for charity you know!!


Apparently it was also Vulcan Day here in Victoria.


Chibi was a crowd pleasing superstar.  We should have put a tip cup out for her…I spent half my day explaining that she’s supposed to be naked.


This time last year I was on route from Halifax and spent Canada Day cruising the Beaches of Toronto with Mousearoo (sporting the exact same outfit).  Eh!


After a few hours Charmaine and I went our separate ways so I could bring Chibi home and get ready for the evening’s adventures in fireworks…which included views of the city from 19 stories up!!!  (Stay tuned.)


Happy Birthday Canada!!!

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