Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday Rewind


Friday finally brought sun to town!  In case you don’t know, Victoria’s Summer has been pretty much non-existent.  No bueno!!


Chibi was very pleased with this turn of weather events as it inspired her lazy human to take a walk to our park.  We’ve been slacking on our daily park trips big time.


Lunch was a quickie genius idea.  Leftover spaghettini warmed and tossed with creamy, herby goat cheese, fresh basil and chopped tomatoes.  Nom.


Look kids: a koala!  I bit his head off.  mwahaha.


Since the sun was shining and a few of us had a free Friday evening we decided to hit up the patio at Glo Restaurant for some sunshine and cocktails.  Too bad it was windy as all heck!  We changed tables for a more pleasant experience.


Michael joined me, Laura, Hugh and Polly.  One fruity cocktail, one amazing mushroom pizza, and a couple of hours of chitchat later we called it a night.


Michael made his way home while I stopped by my place to pick up Chibi and do what any normal girl does… whip up a batch of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie batter (sans bacon) to take with me to his place.


What?  How else shall I provide completely necessary Friday night cookies without dragging my baking cupboard with me?


It’s a well known fact that the way to a man’s heart is clearly through the aroma of freshly baking cookies.  I’m just doing my part.  Sue me.

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Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Michael is a lucky guy to have home made cookies brought to him! :) Have a great week.