Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Great Fundraising Act


Many of you have probably already seen this by now but in my mind there is never too much word of mouth about something as important as fundraising for an amazing friend/blogger/woman.  If you don’t know who Susan is please take a trip over to The Great Balancing Act and read about her recent ordeal involving a Lymphoma diagnosis and instantaneous change of life.

Last year I had the opportunity to have lunch with Susan as she passed through Halifax and I can tell you she is just as sweet in person as she appears on her blog.


Cancer is a non-discriminating disease.  It will attack anyone at anytime.  Susan is hands down one of the healthiest people I know…she’s young, active, vibrant, intelligent, beautiful and strong.  Clearly the cancer just doesn’t care that she’s a personal trainer, an avid runner, a creator of healthy waffle recipes, or lover of fresh veggies.

The cancer also doesn’t care that although we have a good healthcare program in Canada, drugs aren’t paid for nor are they cheap.  Susan is going to be left holding thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of pharmaceutical bills just so she can get healthy!

This is where the blogger community unites and kicks some ass!!  Janetha from Meals & Moves reached out and managed to launch The Great Fundraising Act in a matter of hours.

What is The Great Fundraising Act?

This fundraiser has two parts.

First, Blogger Live Auction & Bake Sale:

  • Monday, July 25th, 8:00 AM (EST) to 11:00 PM (EST)
  • Hosted by Meals & Moves
  • Over 100 items will be up for bid, including many donations from blogger-favourite companies.

Second, Direct Monetary Donations:

  • If you prefer to just donate directly to Susan an account has been set up for this.  You can use PayPal, a bank account or any major credit card to donate to The Great Fundraising Act. If you would like to do this, simply click here.

All donations GO DIRECTLY TO SUSAN.  Any unused funds will be donated accordingly.

For complete details please visit Meals & Moves.  Janetha has multiple posts outlining how this all works.  Also be sure to check in on Susan’s blog and leave her a supportive comment and keep up to date on the happenings in her treatment (she’s actually been discharged for the first time in weeks!!).

Thanks y’all.  See you at the auction on Monday!!!

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