Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Iceberg, ho!


Thems is some big, fat raspberries.  So sad that I demolished that container in just two breakfasts. 


Please note that my dining room table is still covered in paperwork.  In fact, you should see it today!!!


Yesterday I professed my love for iceberg lettuce.  It gets a bad rap.  Like it’s the ugly stepsister of the leafy greens family.  But it is really crunchy and refreshing!!  (and um, only 99 cents this week!)


Iceberg always makes me want Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing though…so I splurged on this wee bottle for this week’s salads.

In the big silver bowl:  iceberg, cherry tomatoes, baby cucumber, radishes, matchstick carrots, avocado, dressing and a hard boiled egg.


Totally yum.


After lunch I double sprayed myself from head to toe with sunscreen and headed out for a 40 minute walk in the sun with my sun dog.  Nothing she loves more than being out in the heat (she’s never been to Mexico but clearly it’s in her genes!).

Stopped for a cool down on the way home… Mocha Coconut Lite Frap.


Afternoon snackypoo:  TJ’s artichokey dip, pita crackers and Light Laughing Cow wedges.


Dinner was light and easy, involving these rainbow carrots I picked up on the weekend.


Simply steamed then drizzled with honey and sprinkled with fresh basil from my patio garden.


Served alongside a quickly seared salmon filet topped with TJ’s pineapple salsa and more basil.  Easy, peasy, delish.


Pink Creamsicle to end the day. 


I climbed into bed at a reasonable hour with my book and a melatonin with hopes of a proper night’s sleep (I’m still awake until 2-3am most nights).  I did manage to fall asleep sometime shortly after midnight, but my sleep was not solid.  Bah.  Maybe tonight.

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myjoyproject said...

Those carrots look like a great way to make dinner more interesting! And I am simply salivating over your mocha coconut frapp on this gloriously hot day :)

ox Kelly

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Love the rainbow carrots. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled at the farmers market for some on this side of the water. HAve a great day.

JavaChick said...

I like iceberg lettuce for the exact reasons you mention. :)