Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Monday Sun-Day


Summer must finally officially be here because hot breakfasts are a thing of the past.  Yogurt and berries, yes please.

Of course, hot coffee is always on the menu!


After catching up on weekend work emails and such I decided to forego the gym and take Chibi to the park instead.  OK, I was taking myself to the park and brought Chibi along.  :)

Into my bag went a blanket, my books, my iPod, water, dog treats, fresh English peas in the pod and fresh Okanagan cherries!


What was missing from that list?  SUNSCREEN. I do this every year. Gah.


Thankfully it’s already fading out so I don’t look totally ridiculous.  But man, when will I learn?  Today I moisturize like a mad woman.

After working away a little more I threw together a late lunch.  Bacon, tomato and avocado on a squishy cheese bun.  I die. 


Afternoon pick-me-up…


After work I decided to finally tackle a stack of paperwork I’ve been procrastinating on for months weeks.  My dining table usually looks something like this…


But now looks like this…


At least is it’s all spread out in my face like that I can’t ignore it!!

Found a few little gems in my patio garden…


Realized around 8pm I hadn’t made dinner, but I wasn’t overly hungry so settled for a banana.


And a blue Creamsicle.  Total impulse purchase this weekend, but at $3 for the box it’s a good hot day treat!


Off to lather up in coco butter! 

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Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Hi Jaime. Okanagan cherries? That's fantastic, I've only been able to get California ones over here. Will check out the farmer's market this weekend with hopes of finding the BC's. Hope your burn gets better soon!!!

JavaChick said...

I would be in serious pain with a sunburn like that. My sisters seem to be like you - sunburns fade quickly and don't bother them much. I'm in pain for a week.

Also, I have been craving creamsicles lately. Now that there's some room in our freezer, I may have to pick up a box. Yum!