Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paper Calories


So ya.  The weather was so deliciously nice this weekend that I let it convince me to buy coffee specific to the iced variety.  Then come Monday morning our crap weather came back.  For the record: this makes fine hot coffee too.


The worst thing a food blogger can do is fall in love with a meal and repeat it daily.  Sorry kids.  Squirrelly toast with PB & nanner.  AGAIN.


In an effort to kickstart some semblance of a healthy diet over here I planned a very low calorie day using up some of the nutritious stuff I have on hand around here.  Hence yogurt, granola and a whack of blueberries for lunch.


If you see this amazing grapefruit Perrier on sale, please email/tweet me immediately.  I think I know where my daily Starbucks allowance is about to go.

Snackypoo:  Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits (where have you been all my life?!?) with light Laughing Cow and TJ’s artichokey stuff.


What happens when you eat non-fat yogurt and blueberries for lunch?  Oh yeah, you are starving by 5:15.  Leftovers to the rescue.


Greek Pasta Salad bumped up with chickpeas for proteiny goodness and tzatziki for creamy deliciousness.


Evening snackeroo…fresh shucked peas (with matching napkin).  They kept my hands busy the same way popcorn/gummy bears/M&Ms would, but didn’t kill my ever present evening sweet tooth.


But that’s what 70 calorie blue Creamsicles are for, right?  Riiiight.


Keepin’ it real on paper, yo.  Every time I try to track my menus online with MyFitnessPal or something similar I get irritated at how long it takes me to input everything.  For the most part I can guesstimate calories myself and slap out a hand written meal plan in under 5 minutes.


Overestimation is my friend.  Keeping it simple is my sanity. 

I tried out this cool app Michael told me about when I hit the hay last night.  Sleep Cycle.  It helps show sleep patterns, etc and includes an alarm (which eventually will become intuitive to your natural waking time).


What I realized though is that they tell you to keep your iThing plugged in for a reason.  This app killed my battery overnight.  What sucks is iTouch doesn’t come with an AC adaptor…so keep it plugged in can’t happen.  I may have just wasted 99 cents.  Bugger.

On a bright note: my insomnia hasn’t been so bad lately. *knock wood*

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Anonymous said...

OMGG anything under 1200 is a starvation diet, why are you eating so little? That is so unhealthy :(, I looked up to you as a healthy person...

Jaime said...

Alisha: I appreciate your concern but you can relax. As I mentioned this was a one day kickstart to get me into a healthier mode. I've been way over eating and sometimes a day of strict diet helps get me back on track. You can see very clearly here that I ate plenty of food for the day and those calorie counts were a low estimation. The goal was to stick to my plan and not cave to major unplanned snacking...I succeeded! :)

Jessie said...


I bought one similar, cheap but gets the job done!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Blue creamcicles??? Who knew those existed??? (not me!) Are they good? (and I hear you about the grapefruit perrier and rosemary triscuits...both so yummy) Have a great day Jamie!