Friday, July 29, 2011

Snicker Snack


Thursday morning.  Coffee and the most original breakfast ever. Smile  Actually, it seems I’ve inspired a whole bunch of you to pick up some Squirrelly Bread and get on board the PB & banana train. 


After walking the pupper around the park and back I started rummaging around the fridge for lunch.  Turns out I had just enough of everything to make one last salad before the weekend.


Getting Greek-ish in the big silver bowl: red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, yellow pepper, light feta, kalamata olives, EVOO and some seasoning.

Keeping with the theme I baked off a couple of frozen spanakopita and dipped it all in tzatziki.


Perrier time!  (Funny: I brought the remainder of this bottle to Michael’s.  It was sitting on the shelf beside the hot tub when a gust of wind blew it right into the tub.  Boooo.)


Afternoon snackypoo.  Bigass, juicy BC cherries.


Even though I had no idea what dinner would be all about I still maintained my list.  It still helps me to pay attention to what I’m stuffing in my face.


Due to after work errands and weekend packing I was absolutely starving and knew dinner was still an hour or two away so I grabbed this Almond Snickers and enjoyed every bite!


In order to facilitate heading out of town easier on the Friday before the long weekend I opted to stay at Michael’s and work from my laptop this morning.  (He lives out of downtown, which can save an hour in traffic on a busy day.)

Dinner was a reheat of a dinner his sister made for the family earlier in the week.  Chicken cacciatore, spaghetti and carrots.  Nothing like a heat and ignore meal!


We popped it in the oven, took the dog’s to the park, had a soak in the hot tub, then came in to enjoy dinner in our jammies.  Smile  I ended up giving Michael one of my pieces of chicken so I wouldn’t be too full for dessert.


Because we all know I’m not turning down homemade pie and ice cream!


Cherries picked from right out in the yard.  Rainier cherries actually.  Pie made by one of Michael’s coworkers.  Holy yum.


OK, I’ve been slacking all morning here working with my laptop and dogs on the comfy couch.  Time to get it together and get on the road.  Next stop: Mom’s house.

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Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Love the description of the BC cherries....they're bigass indeed! Have a gerat weekend!