Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Dinner is Served


Shazzam.  Sunday I was on the road to recovery when I was invited to join Michael and his brother David for dinner.  David’s lovely girlfriend was in town and offered to cook chicken dinner for the four of us.


No one told me that chicken dinner comes with the most beautiful pan of scalloped potatoes ever baked.  Holy yum, people.  Holy yum.


I should have broken out the camera earlier to document everything Char did because dinner was super deeeelish.  Roasted drumsticks, seasoned carrots and steamed gai lan went along with my half a plate of spuds. :)


And just when we thought we might all explode from potato goodness, she busted out these gigantic dishes of homemade strawberry shortcake.

Heard in the kitchen just before dinner was served: “hey Michael, I need a cookbook.”  “What for?”  “A biscuit recipe.”  “I’ll Google you one.”

Et voila…20 minutes later fresh shortcake biscuits arrived out of the oven.  Nice work, Char.


So yeah.  Maybe I’ll never cook for myself again.  I’ll just food paparazzi the hell out of Michael and his family.  Works for me! :)

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Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Glad you are on the mend Jamie! Wow..Char looks like a great cook. Have a good day!!!

myjoyproject said...

... you had me at scalloped potatoes....