Friday, July 08, 2011

Well hello Sally Bun


Ah yes, that’s more like it.  Hello cup o’ joe!

I didn’t eat breakfast yesterday.  Unless you count the three Wheat Thins I munched and the fact that I stuck my finger in the peanut butter jar.  Which of course, I do not.

By the time I realized I was hungry it pretty much time to get ready to meet Jessica and Ingmarie for lunch.  The last time we were all together for dinner we somehow got talking about Sally Bun and how I’d never been there.  Jessica was appalled and requested we remedy that situation ASAP.

Who am I to say no? 


As promised by the girls, the salad was fresh and fabulous.  I totally love the design-your-own salad option…I created a small salad with lettuce & spinach, tomatoes, beets, cucumber and garbanzo beans…with their Creamy Lemon Feta dressing.  Crisp and delicious!!  Next time I would copy Ingmarie and pay 50 cents to add crumbly feta.  Nom. 

Even though the lunch rush crowd had already picked over a few of the Sally Bun flavours there were still lots of options.  I tossed back and forth between the BBQ Beef and the Bacon/Tomato/Cream Cheese, but in the end the bacon totally won out.  *shocking*

That firm yet fabulously doughy bun contained enough cream cheese for an army and I loved every ounce of it.  Remind me of this when I can’t do up my pants! 


My meal included this Snapple and still only came to $10.  Perfect lunch combo for sure.

On my way home I made sure to stop at one of my favourite coffee spots for a perfect latte.  Thank you Fernwood Coffee.


Living close to Starbucks is convenient but sometimes a girl needs a properly constructed latte!  Plus, I ran into my friend Polly there and we scored a few minutes for girl talk.  Win.

After a quick trip to the grocery store it was back to work for the afternoon.  Not too terribly difficult actually…since our weather went to shiz today.  Windstorm took out my strawberries plants again!!  Wah. :(


For dinner tonight I was in charge of cooking for Michael.  I think he’s fed me like six times now so I figured it was time.  I made sure to provide snacks first so he wouldn’t feel neglected while I fixed up the actual meal.

Obviously I made one of my signature bigass salads.  Duh.  In the big silver bowl:  red leaf lettuce, carrots, cukes, radishes, cherry toms, and homemade dressing involving honey, Dijon and fresh basil.


I promised him my “world-famous” (you know, the world in my head) turkey burgers.  These are of course, a knock off of my favourite turkey burgers but I still feel proud to serve them.


After I forced him to tell me how delicious the meal was I stuffed some chocolate and water in my purse and we ran out for an early movie.  Larry Crowne.  Let me just ask…when was the last time Tom Hanks made a bad movie?  Never happens.  I was cracking up the whole time. 

Then of course I stuffed my face some more after he left for the evening.  Totally normal date behaviour. ;)  At least it was cherries.


Also seen at the movie theatre:  Ryan Gosling’s abs.  Whoa mama.

You’re welcome.  Happy Friday. 

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myjoyproject said...

Where oh where is this Sally Bun place and why oh why have I never heard of it???

And thanks for the heads up re Larry Crowne... I love Tom Hanks but for some reason I haven't be too sure about this one...

One last thing: bring back the SUN!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

I really need to find Sally Bun next time I'm in Victoria. Great recommendation!!! Love the comment "the world in my head" - so funny. Have a great day!!!