Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Aura Waterfront Restaurant & Patio

On Friday afternoon a round of emails went around between Rose, Tiffaney and I.  It was sunny and none of us had previous engagements so we just knew we had to find a patio to visit on after work.


I suggested Aura Restaurant because I’ve heard they have a lovely patio with a beautiful view.  A few more emails, including Michael, and a few Tweets with Tookie at Aura and our plans were set for 6:00.


Upon arrival we were a little worried because the patio didn’t have evening sun, but we decided that we’d give it a try since we were right beside a heater and our helpful server offered up blankets if we should need them.

Tookie had done a fine job of letting the staff know we were coming and because we are Twitter friends she arranged a complimentary cocktail for me!  The cocktail list is very long so I handed my decision off to Rose and she chose the Cape Scott for me.  It was a light concoction of muddled oranges, vanilla vodka, OJ and soda.  Very refreshing!  I may have had two. :)


Michael suggested he and I share a few oysters on the half shell to start.  I will never argue with this suggestion!  We were brought two fresh, local varieties on ice with the mignonette served in these cute little syringes.


A round of fresh brioche buns for the table.  Complete with sour cherry butter.  Melty and delicious.


Had I not been busy visiting I would have thought to take photos of everyone’s meals for a proper review because everything that graced the table this time was met with a great review.  I had already perused the menu online before heading out for the evening and settled on a light meal of the Grilled Caesar Salad…with pancetta, soft poached free range egg, and pesto Caesar dressing.


The pesto dressing was really interesting and very tasty.  The big slivers of fresh parmesan didn’t hurt either. :)

The vegan platter that Tiffaney and Rose shared looked incredible.  They both said they were very impressed!  Michael had a seafood and saffron risotto that was also quite tasty.


Since Rose and Tiffaney had dessert included with their vegan meal there was no way Michael and I weren’t going to at least consider dessert.  I let him choose and when I returned from the washroom I was informed he had ordered the dessert sampler for two.


We had tastes of apple cheesecake, chocolate ganache, strawberry sorbet, and a vegan crème brulee made from coconut milk and pureed bananas.  Not a true brulee obviously…the texture is off…but the combination of flavours was really good.  I mostly tried to dominate the cheesecake bites. :)

Overall it was a lovely and delicious meal and a great visit with friends.  We managed to last the couple of hours on the patio even though we’d been hoping for more sun.  A wee bit pricey for regular after work drinks or dinner, but for a special treat I think we’d all definitely choose Aura again.  Thank you Tookie and staff for making sure we were very well looked after!

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