Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bonjour Frenchie


So where were we?  Tuesday I think.  Yup, Tuesday. 


Coffee.  Toast with almond butter and jam.  We have noooo bananas todaaaay.  I suppose fresh cherries will do.


For lunch I made up a replica of Monday’s salad…this time with cheeese.


I splurged on grocery day this week when I saw that island fresh Natural Pastures bocconcini had made it’s way to the deli.  I have pizza plans for this…if it lasts that long.


Lindt bars were on sale and the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate was actually in stock so I bought one.  The idea is to try a square or two per day to help keep my sweet tooth at bay.  (I’m a poet and I know it!)


It’s delicious but honestly it just makes me want to plow down the whole bar.  Just what I need…another willpower test.

Leftover chicken stirfry.


After dinner I headed on over to the other Jamie’s to meet their new furry buddy…Frankie the Frenchie!!  She’s a hyper little furball and oh so bloody cute!  Chibi had better watch herself…I always wanted me a Frenchie! ;)


She wanted to play and all Chibi wanted to do was skid away and pee on the floor.  Nutjob.

After our puppy party Jamie and I headed on over to Starbucks.  Tall decaf Americano with milk.  (fun anecdote: while we were sitting there a car pulled up with what looked like a Xolo on the passenger’s lap.  Since the breed is uncommon here we asked the guy, and sure enough his dog was a gorgeous Xolo…straight from Mexico City.  Neat.)


Of course, Chibi acted like a weirdo but it was still fun to know more and more Xolos are making their way to town. :)

Back at home I enjoyed staring at my cable TV for a bit while noshing yogurt and berries with granola.


I don’t even remember what I watched so clearly I was right about TV rotting my brain. 

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JavaChick said...

I loooove those Lindt Fleur De Sel Chocolate Bars. I mostly manage to stick to one or two squares per day. Mostly. :)