Friday, August 19, 2011

Boys and Girls


Yesterday we did things a little differently around here.  I shared my home-office workspace (ie: dining room) with Michael.  He was looking for a quiet place minus distractions to work on a project and believe it or not I can be quiet when someone really needs it.  :)

It is rare I get to serve him his morning coffee or pour him a bowl of cereal.  You may have noticed he regularly provides me with sustenance.  My turn!


Funny thing is…I am so hyper-focused on shopping for only myself during the week I actually thought I might have trouble building a lunch for two!  But I lucked out with exactly four pieces of bread and enough deli ham to make two sammiches.  Phew.


Sadly the lettuce I bought on Monday was all yucky in the middle so we had to settle for carrots sticks as our lunch time veggie.


After both of us got through a productive work day, he headed off to take care of his own errands and rescue Burl from doggie-abandonment (his folks looked after the big lug overnight) and I got cleaned up to meet Charmaine for buck-a-shuck.


Champagne cocktails were on special so we sipped on French 75s and ordered up 8 Fanny Bay oysters on the half shell each.  Nom.


We considered those to be our appetizer then decided we wanted something a little more filling so made our way across the street to Milestones for another bevvie and an artichoke dip to share.


We had a lovely visit and a good girl-talk catch up.  Don’t worry boys…we only spend like half of our time talking about you.  ;)

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Simon Leong said...

every time i see good looking oysters i go weak in the knees :-) yum!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

I have to "ooooh" at those oysters! Love the pics Jamie, looks like a great time!