Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brain Food


Now there’s something you’ve all been waiting for.  The return of cereal!

Kashi Honey Almond Flax is truly my favourite cereal ever.  Well since I grew past the age of Fruit Loops anyway.  With vanilla soy milk and blueberries it might just surpass my love of AB & banana toast.


For lunch I took a trip down to the waterfront with my friend Christy and her darling little boy Cameron.  They were visiting from Nanaimo for the day and I had hoped to take them to Red Fish Blue Fish but the line was like an hour long, so we opted for The Flying Otter instead.


I had the one piece halibut fish and chips…with half chips and half salad.


Look at those blue eyes!  Can you say heart breaker?

We had parked the car right outside of Picnic Coffee so we decided it was a sign that we should grab some coffees and enjoy some more chitchat at one of their little sidewalk tables.  I had a coupon for a free Americano which the guys turned into an iced bevvie for me.  Yum.


This needs to be the next downtown Victoria eatery I try for lunch!


Christy left me with a gift bag which had this lovely TJ’s crack butter treat inside!  Geeeeze, people think I like this stuff or something!!  :)


I snacked on fake popcorn cakes to tide me over until dinner.


For dinner I had Michael over to help me eat of the leftovers from my taco dinner with Tiffaney.  We started out with those deeeelish Lime Tostitos dipped in this FF Spicy Black Bean Dip that Alecia put in my TJ’s treat bag a couple of months ago. 


Of course we had beers.  Sadly the beer selection at my house isn’t as good as what we usually have at his place.


But I made up for my poor beer choices by serving up delicious, crispy, colourful taco salads!  Lettuce, tomato chunks, cucumber, carrots, red onion and avocado topped with shredded cheddar and a mixture of the leftover seasoned black beans and ground beef.


After the photo shoot we slathered on salsa and sour cream as dressing and used more chips and scoops for our meals.  I heart taco salad.


After dinner we sat side by side with our laptops.  He worked diligently on his work projects and I worked diligently at catching up on Google Reader and eventually remembering I was supposed to be booking our campsite for the upcoming long weekend.  A couple of PB cups may have helped kick start my brain for that.  Chocolate is brain food you know.

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H-woman said...

What a fabulous day!'d you meet this great guy? Is his big dog a bull mastiff?

My fave cereal is the Kashi version of Mini Wheats. With unsweetened vanilla almond milk and blueberries. But I wouldn't turn down Fruit Loops if someone offered them to me. That would be rude. =)

Jessica said...

I love the guys at Picnic! They're always so friendly and welcoming. Definitely one of the best coffee places downtown!