Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon


After being gone all day Saturday for our Salt Spring Island Adventure, we decided we had better spend some quality time with the dogs on Sunday. 


But first…brunch!  While picking up dinner on Saturday night we also grabbed Bisquick and bacon for Sunday breakfast.  Mention the word “pancakes” and they must be made!


While I fried bacon and whipped up pancakes Michael picked the last batch of fresh strawberries from his garden.  Quite the haul this year!


I think Michael is trying to steal my blogging job.  His pancake stack looks damn near like a professional food stylist set it up, no?


Mine might not be as pretty as his, but it still tasted great.  Thumbs up for bacon sitting in a pool of maple syrup.  nom nom nom.


After brunch we loaded the puppers into the truck and headed for the dog park.  Included with Miss Chibi and Burl was Maggie…Michael’s folks’ 16 year old Jack Russell.  So cute!


Burl is a big lug who needs 10x more exercise than the little dogs.  They just stare at him like he’s a crazy fool.  LOL.  He also plays more since he’s still pretty much a puppy compared to the old gals.


He likes Michael to drag him around in the grass.  Weirdo.


The rest of the afternoon we spent chillin’ on the deck.  Michael mowed his lawn while I chatted with his stepdad and hung in the hammock.  Then we hot tubbed before dinner.  I know, sounds rough eh?


Chinese take-out leftovers for dinner and early to bed.  All that chillaxin’ wore me out. :)

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Brenda said...

Love your blog! great food porn, happy to see chibi doing so well

Lex said...

wowza, I'm not even a pancake fan and those look DELISH!!!!!!

JavaChick said...

I love pancakes with fresh strawberries on top. Or with fresh peaches...hmm...Note to self: pancakes this weekend!

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

LOVE the dog photos. It looks like Burl is laughing hysterically in the photo with Michael! Hilarious. Hope you are having a great Wed.