Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Gift of Massage

With the long weekend now behind me (not that I got Monday off!) it was back to regular ol’ eating around my place.  No more fancy French Toast breakfasts come Tuesday morning. :(


I did bring something new to the breakfast table for a change though.  Cottage cheese with BC blueberries and banana.


I was worried about what I’d do for a healthy lunch because I didn’t really bother to do a proper grocery shop for the week, but when I opened the fridge I was reminded that I’d saved a few of the ingredients from the salad I made on Sunday night.


Like that fancy bowl?  You too can have one just like it the next time you buy a container of pre-washed mixed baby greens. :)  Just add carrots, radishes, yellow pepper, tomatoes and blue cheese dressing and you are good to go.


To bulk up lunch I followed up my salad with toast with almond butter and honey. Sorry Squirrelly Bread, but Wheat Berry & Honey was on sale!


Not quite my favourite Trader Joe’s crack almond butter, but almost as good.  Especially since it was a surprise giftie!  Thanks Ibby!!!


Afternoon snackeroo…more deeeelish BC cherries. 


I don’t have dinner pictures because I decided to leave my camera at home while enjoying dinner with good friends visiting from out of town.  I enjoyed a big bowl of spaghetti with brown butter and Mizithra cheese at The Old Spaghetti Factory and didn’t feel bad about it at all.  :)

What I do have to share with you is this:


Remember I mentioned that Michael had treated me to an in-home chair massage?  Well I had it yesterday and it was quite the treat!  Although I do feel like I was cheating on my friend and usual RMT, Laura!!  xoxo

Andrea from Interlude Massage had her chair set up in my dining room in mere moments.  I found it really comfy and actually much easier on my stupid blown disc issue than laying on a flat bed.  She worked for a full 30 minutes and I really did feel great when she was done.  Every massage therapist I have worked with has had a different method so I’m always quite leery to try someone new but I had nothing to worry about.

How this came about is that she does work in offices around the city, including Michael’s.  If you work in an office setting this would be a very cool thing to provide for your staff or team!  Or…you know…your very appreciative girlfriend! 



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