Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grocery Wins


This week’s grocery shopping score?  2.75lb of fresh BC blueberries for $6.  I missed out on a deal for 5lbs a week ago so I’ve been watching the flyers for another sale.  I just love to freeze fresh blueberries for use in the Winter months.


I might even go back for another box since I have managed to munch down about a quarter of that box over the last couple of days. 


I also scored waffles on sale for something different in the breakfast department.  Love.  The blueberry one is matched with a drizzle of maple syrup…and those perfect raspberries are matched with almond butter.  Joy.


Clearly I was a wee bit sucked in by a few sale items this week…I think it’s been about 2 years since I even considered buying S&S bars.  Cashew buttery goodness is evil.  And by evil I clearly mean delicious.


After hitting the gym for some easy cardio (ya I know, did you notice I haven’t mentioned the gym in six weeks?  you didn’t?  um, nevermind then!) I had planned a salad but I was too hungry so instead I crammed most of my salad ideas into a whole wheat tortilla.


Black beans, cheese, salsa, light sour cream, tomatoes.  I then crammed that bad boy full of lettuce leaves and ate it standing in my kitchen.

For dinner I managed to turn a “clean out the freezer” meal into a fairly decent dinner for two.  Michael’s been running ragged with a work conference all week so when he suggested popping by after work I quickly modified my dinner to include him.


I simply mixed a couple of cups of cooked rotini with carrots, broccoli and cooked chicken breast bites (just add the veg to the pasta while it’s boiling), tossed it all with about 3/4 cup of store bought Alfredo sauce and heated it all through.

Right before serving I mixed in some diced tomato and a couple of chopped green onions for a bit of freshness. 


I made a quickie salad of lettuce, radishes and cucumber to fill out our plates.  Not the most gourmet meal but it certainly filled our tummies.

We finished the evening with a couple of ice cream bars, a walk with the dogs, and a couple of truly random movies on TV.  Not too shabby for a hump day.  :)

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