Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hot Dawgs


Yup, I backdated.  Can’t have my blog showing nothing posted for like four days.  What the heck have I been doing?  Oh right, living life!  :)

Friday was definitely worth mentioning though.  I skipped breakfast photos because I’m lazy and had lots to do before hitting the road to meet the other Jamie for a dog walk and coffee date.


Oh yeah, and I was looking after Burl for the day.  I packed the big oaf into my car with Chibi and we picked up Jamie and Frankie the Frenchie.


After a big of a jaunt through a makeshift dog park we found we decided it was time for a Cafe Fantastico iced coffee and deeeelish fruit tarts from Fol Epi.  We tried to sit in the sun but we were cooking ourselves and the doggie party so after half an hour or so we called it a day.


Back at home I introduced Burl to Mr. Stoopy (my cat).  That did NOT go well.  Good thing the Stoopmeister still has excellent reflexes because I think Burl thought he was a living dog toy.  Oooops.  Once I calmed them both down I made a quick lunch…. tortilla with black bean dip, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. 


Followed up with a nectarine and pets for the big lug.


Poor guy wasn’t entirely sure what he should do with himself in my apartment while I worked for the afternoon.  Eventually he took a tip from Chibi and had himself a glorious snooze in the late day sun.


After work I loaded up the dogs once again and headed back to Michael’s.  He rewarded me with a beer for all of my hard work, then made me a big serving of comforting chicken fried rice.


Nom.  I’m sure we probably had some sort of dessert but by then I was poopered and didn’t even make a mental note let alone take a photo.  Hot sun and big dogs trying to eat your cat can really suck the energy out of ya!

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Jessica said...

Poor Mr. Stoopy! When Burl met Todd at the shrimp boil he thought he looked pretty interesting too. We didn't see Todd for an hour!