Monday, August 29, 2011

Missing Pieces


Well it’s a good thing I happened to notice the gorgeous and take pictures tonight because apparently I totally failed as a food blogger today.  Mondays are sooooo hard.  Waaaah.


Before leaving Michael’s this morning he filled me up with leftover breakfast burrito.  My body was in shock at the concept of food at 7:30am…my eyes were barely open let alone ready to tackle photos.

On the drive home I grabbed a triple grande non-fat vanilla latte with the last of my Starbies gift card.


For second breakfast I busted into the fresh raspberries I forgot in my fridge over the weekend.  Thankfully they were no worse for wear and my yogurt was still good too.


Instead of lunch I munched a Carrot Cake Larabar before heading to the gym.  Quite delicious but I don’t think I would guess the flavour if I didn’t know what it was. 

After the gym I munched on toast with almond butter and another handful of raspberries but I guess my body was still confused by the workout and didn’t tell my brain to grab a camera.


Dinner was a total cop out.  After work I zoned out with my laptop and this weekend’s episodes of True Blood, Entourage and Project Runway.  I had no desire to cook, so while I ran to the grocery store for milk I picked up the most unhealthy deli salad I could find.

Three cheers for mayo, pasta, cheese and ham.  Yum.


The sunset provided the perfect backdrop for chocolate covered almonds, pyjama pants, and Crazytown (also known in your TV Guide as Bachelor Pad).

Happy Monday kids!

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

Beautiful sunset.

I can't not watch Bachelor Pad, it's a train wreck.

I have a huge weakness for mayo-based pasta salads from the deli. And if it's elbow noodles, cheese, and ham, I'm even more obsessed.