Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Parmanfest 2011

This Saturday I had the opportunity to finally meet up with some very important long lost friends.  High school friends.  Easily some of the best friends a girl could ever have.

IMG_1890{bill, me, donnie, julie, dan, and christine – JBSS classes of 1992/1993}

Our friend Donnie’s family has been hosting BC Day reunion campouts on their property for the last four years, but of course prior to now I wasn’t living here and could not attend.  When this year’s invite went out I made sure to RSVP that I would definitely be there!


His folks have a gorgeous piece of property with acreage to host multiple campers…including beautiful landscaping, a massive tree fort for whatever kids happen to stop by, a hot tub, a soft sided pool, and for this weekend a freaking stage!  (Don’s a technical director and thus has connections for stage-type things!)


Oh right, don’t forget the horses.  :)


After a couple of Facebook messages it was clear that our whole little high school crew would be making an appearance.  So I combined my visit with my Mom with a day at the reunion.  Most of the day I sat in the grass catching up with everyone while kids played and dogs chased each other around.

Little did I know, Donnie’s Mom was putting on a whole dinner spread!!!


Sex in a Pan.  Need I say more?

Around dinner time, the band took to the stage.  They warmed up with a few songs to earn their dinner then after we’d all eaten they launched into their first set. 


They totally secured the under 3 years of age rock n’ roller vote.


Sadly I had another obligation back in Victoria that night so I couldn’t stay and party into the wee hours with everyone, but clearly I’ll be keeping the August long weekend free for this next year!


Good times.  Great to know that some friendships really never change.


side note:  if you’d asked me in high school i never would have guessed that i’d be the only one that isn’t married with kids at this stage in life!  Funny how things actually turn out.

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JavaChick said...

Too funny, I haven't had Sex In a Pan since I was in high school. :) Sounds like you had a great weekend!