Monday, August 01, 2011

Rewind: Friday


Friday ended up being a bit of a gong show.  The morning started off as planned…rise and shine nice and early, walk the doggies, coffee with Michael, and settling in for a nice morning of work on my laptop surrounded by the dogs.


Before packing up my stuff for the day I even found time to walk the dogs again and leave Michael a baked treat for his weekend.


Of course I stole two of the cookies for the road.


So glad I stole those cookies because after leaving his house to head up island to my Mom’s I made a wrong decision as far as which route to take and wound up stuck in long weekend traffic for over an hour.  I was starting to worry I was cooking poor Chibi it was sooooo hot in the car…and my AC picked right then to crap out.  Booooooo.

We finally hit the highway and got moving but I still decided to stop at the Malahat viewpoint for some fresh air and to let Chibi do some business.


And then we powered through for the next 1.25 hours to Mom’s house where I demanded immediate sustenance.  Hello Greek yogurt and berries!


Earlier in the week I had asked Mom if we could skip our usual ‘girl’s-night-in Chinese take-out’ and eat a healthy dinner so she stocked up on lemon chicken, new potatoes and salad fixin’s. 


Mama grilled the chicken and boiled the spuds while I compiled the bigass salad full of mixed greens, cukes, tomatoes, green onions & cheddar.

After dinner she surprised me with an ice creamy treat!  The infamous Magnum ice cream bars.  nom nom.


Quite deeeelish but you won’t catch me coughing up my hard earned piddly paycheque for these.  I’m not entirely sure how they decide ice cream prices but sometimes it’s a little crazy.


After dinner we settled in for a cozy night in the living room with a movie and the doggies.  Mom’s new little man Buster is quite a cuddler.  I asked him to teach Chibi a few cuddling skills.


I promptly fell asleep 30 minutes into our movie, so now I’ll never know what happened to poor Jake Gyllenhaal.  Sad.

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